Self Pack Removals Vs Full Services: Making the Right Choices

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If you have to move permanently from your current location to somewhere far away, then there are usually two ways you can go about it. Since you will be moving with all your possessions, you have to choose whether to use a self pack removals company or pay top dollar for full services. Of course, these two ways come with their merits and disadvantages. Below we will discuss each method in detail so you can make an informed decision when moving.

Full-Service Removals

As the name suggests, full-service removalists will handle every aspect of your moving. You can expect these service providers to provide shipping containers, the means of transportation as well as come up with the logistics of the whole moving process. While using this method offers convenience, it can leave a huge dent on your wallet. This is because, aside from the transportation and logistics, full services providers come with a lot of labor costs since they do all the packing, loading and unpacking once you reach your destination.

Also, you have to open your home for these service providers to come in and pack every possession you have. You’ll have to trust them completely with your antiques, furniture and most precious possession otherwise the work will not be efficiently handled if you keep getting in their way.

Self Pack Removals

If you cannot manage to splash the cash on a full-service removalist, then the self pack is a cheap removals option you can consider. When using this method, your removalist company will provide a shipping container and transportation to your destination. All the packing and loading is left to you.

Since there are no labor charges, self pack removals can save you up to 50% the cost of a full service which is a huge reprieve especially since the whole moving process can be costly. Self-removalist services are also very convenient since a moving container will be delivered to your premises and it will stay there until you have packed everything and loaded into the container. This gives you the privacy and ample time to carefully pack your possessions and load it into the container. Once done, all you have to do is call the shipment company that will come collect and deliver to your new place. You will then unload and unpack all your stuff and when done the self pack removalists will then collect the empty container.

Choosing the best way to move

Both ways of moving come with a lot of benefits with minimum hassles and stress depending on the experience you want. The important thing is choosing the right removalist company. Always do your research by reading reviews online and asking for recommendations. Also, ask the right questions and go through the fine print of the quotes.

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