Make it to Machu Picchu for The Best Holiday Experience

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If you have not visited Peru, then you need to. This is one travel destination that will bring your definition of holiday or tour to a whole new level. With exciting places to visit and great activities to do, you will be in for a lifetime experience. One place in Peru that has it all is Machu Picchu. For a holiday enhanced, this is the place to be. With a perfect climate as if it was waiting for you, you will have it all. Your answer for a holiday destination has just been provided.

Machu Picchu facts

There is a number of interesting facts about this exciting part of the world, from its location to its climate. All is set to create the right backdrop for your holiday. Situated in the mountainous side of Urubamba province in the region of Volcanota ranges, by the rivers Apurimac and Urubamba, this area is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Unlike other parts of the world that boast different structures such as the Coliseum in Italy, this region boasts a whole city built of stone with a beauty that many doubt if it was built by human works. This part of the world was declared a world heritage by UNESCO. Structures such as the temple with three windows make people wonder just what kind of skills the builders had, given the huge rocks used to build them.

Machu Picchu weather

For your convenience, this part of the world is blessed with a type of climate that is warm and humid during daytime yet fresh during the night. The seasons can be divided into two: the rainy season begins in November to April and you are advised to dress heavily during this season. The dry season begins in April and ends in November. Since it is part of the Amazon forest, you need to note even when it is considered dry season, there is still rain.

Best time to visit Machu Picchu

Since there is little rain between April and November, this is the best time to visit this part of the world. During this season, festivals such as the Inti Raymi are celebrated. Also known as the festival of the sun, it involves a long day of colourful costumes parade ceremony of Inca. The venue of this is a well known fortress called Sacsayhuamán. The annual activity is scheduled for June 24th.

Besides just the festivals, this season provides the right weather for you to go for the Inca trail. This offers you the opportunity to experience beautiful and peaceful landscapes such as the dead woman’s pass. Here you can also see a number of ruins.

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